2017-2018 Webinars

MISBO webinars provide participants with high-quality education and training without leaving the office. MISBO offers a broad range of programming hosted by industry experts to help keep members up-to-date on the latest legislative activity, school management trends, industry best practices, hot topics, and subjects of special interest.

All webinars take place at 2:00 pm ET and are $50 per session but are FREE to anyone from a MISBO member school. To learn more about these presentations, please see our Webinar FAQs.

Winter Webinar Dates:

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International Programs and Enrollment: Compliance and Sustainability

Jacqui Yamada has turned her close work with international students, families, and faculty into a model for governance of international programs within a school.

Stories from the 2017 MISBO + IDEO Project

Hear from Carrollwood Day School, Indian Creek School, Woodberry Forest School, and Cary Academy about their IDEO experience.

Paths to Success for Early Career and Aspiring Technology Directors

Matt Scully is the Director of Digital Integration & Innovation at Providence Day School and knew before he left high school that he wanted to teach and coach.

St. Andrew's-Sewanee School Master Planning: A Story to be Told

After some discord at St. Andrew's-Sewanee School there was a need for education and a better understanding of the entire master planning process and how it integrates with a strategic plan.

Vendor Webinar Dates:

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Innovative Strategies for Managing Your Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance continues to be one of the top budget line items for many schools. Learn about an innovative way to take control of your plan and manage the volatility over the long term.

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